Systematic, unbiased, periodical feedback is essential to plan the future and remain innovative for growth and prosperity of any Industry. It is more so for healthcare industry, since the Industry deals with healthcare. Pharmaceutical industry is an integral part of healthcare delivery to ensure and facilitate manufacturing and supply of medicines to patients through medical doctors and healthcare professionals.

SMSRC, as an independent specialized professional team have been instrumental in systematically studying the dynamics of medical doctors’ disease management trends and offer syndicated feedback in the form of trend analysis on disease management, disease seasonality, therapy life cycle management and other essential strategic inputs to various pharmaceutical organisations in India and Bangladesh. This continuous periodical analytical feedback helps the service users of SMSRC to gauge and judge the pharmaceutical market dynamics appropriately. Thereafter, to plan their resources optimally to offer augmented and focused services to the medical doctors and healthcare professionals. Ultimately benefiting the healthcare management for the patients at large.

Thus SMSRC operate as the invaluable partner of the pharmaceutical industry to assist the industry for a better way forward… for better patient care through improved services, continuously over time.


SPR cloud is the exclusive and proprietary online tool from SMSRC to view and analyse SPRdata through cloud computing technology, which helps the user of SPR service by making the prescription research analytics available on finger tips.

SPR cloud is a technologically enhanced version of SMSRC' Analytics, one cloud will define all sort of possible data representation for your day to day' activity for carrying out strategic Prescription Research data analysis.

SPR cloud is a simple browser based application, which is well protected from security threats. Access of data with high confidentiality will be achieved. Click and see the changes of data within a second will ease your life as compared to trying to find information from thousands of Excel dump files.

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