MD's Desk

On behalf of Team SMSRC, I joyously welcome all our viewers at our website. We expect that our viewers will get good insights about our endeavors and how we intend to benefit healthcare delivery through various services.

Let me take this opportunity to reiterate – systematic, unbiased, periodical feedback is essential to plan the future and remain innovative for growth and prosperity of any Industry. It is more so for healthcare industry, since the Industry deals with health.

At SMSRC we are constantly trying toprovide qualitative feedback based on quantitative data analysis about various therapy management dynamics as practiced by different speciality segments of medical professionals. Further offering useful insights to plan business and marketing strategies to ensure that the industry is able to manage their resources optimally and offer improved facilities for better healthcare delivery.

‘Strategic Marketing’ is all about – planning the correct path based on facts and execution of the plan consistently with focus, until the goal is achieved. Business goal gets synchronized with marketing goals and target gets achieved as a consequence. During the process of execution, continuous monitoring and fine-tuning is done to remain aligned with the changing market dynamics.

Our aim is to support strategic marketing functions of Pharmaceutical Industry and help the Industry perform augmented service for better healthcare delivery.

We would remain innovative in our approach to cater to the changing market dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry and provide effectivestrategic solutions.

Look forward to continue the journey together,way forward…