We believe in nurturing human talent, to identify human potential and a continuous development to harness that with the vision and mission of the Organisation for a sustainable growth at the individual as well as the organizational level. We do not see career from a mere job aspect but more as a profession for resource generation and finally asset creation. We may come from different backgrounds but through our incessant learning experience we try to build up a consensus of work ethics, integrity and responsibility and search new ways for a better and healthier future.

We provide endless opportunities for talented and enthusiastic individuals who want to make a contribution to the success of the Company. In return the Company offers its employees a stimulating and encouraging work environment where they may develop their skills by supporting and working on a variety of challenging projects. It is a democratic platform where the individuals could place their creative ideas for further exercise.

Professionals or beginners who would like to consider strategic pharmaceutical marketing as their career are likely to get the best of exposures in SMSRC. Candidates who are interested in market research functions are also welcome to try out their skills and learn more specialized knowledge of the discipline.

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